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Collaborating Partners

, India

Aurolab, a non-profit trust, has manufactured medical devices since 1992. With a proven track record in the manufacturing of medical devices and an organizational mandate to maximize product availability and affordability for the poor, it is a natural partner for Project Impact. In a previous collaboration with the founder of Project Impact, Aurolab developed a low-priced, high-quality, sight-restoring intraocular lens (IOL) for developing country markets. Aurolab now manufactures and sells more than 600,000 IOLs each year to 86 countries, making it one of the largest companies of its kind in the world.

The lenses are sold for $8, as opposed to the market average of over $100. Subsequently, the manufacturing of surgical sutures was also established at Aurolab and is now in full production. The selling price of sutures has been reduced from $200 per box of a dozen to $40. Aurolab IOLs and sutures have CE Mark Certification, fulfilling regulatory requirements for European sales. The sutures also have FDA marketing clearance. Aurolab will be one of the initial sites for manufacturing the hearing aids.

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