David Green

Project Impact Executive Director, David Green has worked for 20 years in establishing manufacturing of medical technology in developing countries and in the development of financially self-sustaining health care service models oriented toward the poor. He directed the establishment of Aurolab, a non-profit business trust established in 1992, and managed the technology transfer for producing intraocular lenses and sutures at Aurolab. He has also helped to create eye care programs recognized for their excellence in service delivery, quality of surgery, financial self-sufficiency and capacity to reach the disadvantaged.

Erik Brodersen

Erik Brodersen is a well-known audiologist from Denmark, who has extensive experience in implementing programs in developing countries to serve the hearing impaired. He is currently developing the service delivery model and training programs for the Hearing Aid Project. His areas of expertise include audiology, rehabilitation, hearing aid fitting, repair, maintenance and follow-up as well as project development for developing countries

Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green manages Project Impact's legal and regulatory affairs. Mr. Green’s law practice focuses on projects involving the transfer of technology to developing countries. He previously served Aurolab in its efforts to develop intraocular lens and sutures. His areas of specialization include US and international medical device regulation, international trade, tax, and non-profit organizations.

Evelyn Cherow

Evelyn Cherow works as consultant on the AHAP. She is the former Director, Audiology Practice Policy and Consultation for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), which represents over 100,000 US audiologists.. Evelyn is an audiologist who has over 30 years experience in the US working on pediatric audiology programs, and advocacy and public policy for the hearing impaired. Most recently she completed a Masters degree at Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government

Joel Segre

Joel Segre is currently managing Project Impact's efforts to assist Aurolab in the development of a an affordable, foldable intraocular lens for use in cataract surgery. Additionally, Joel is coordinating the development of a solar recharging unit for Project Impact's affordable hearing aid.