Technology Transfer

Medical technology transfer is one of Project Impact’s core competencies. In keeping with its mission to make health care affordable for all, Project Impact is committed to manufacturing and distribution of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and medical equipment in developing countries. Project Impact’s capabilities in product development, technology transfer, local production, quality assurance, and technical training have enabled Project Impact to vest the manufacture and distribution of high quality medical technology within organizations located in and serving the needs of developing countries.

According to the World Health Organization, about 90% of the world’s medical devices are produced in Europe, the United States of America and Japan. Project Impact works to improve access to medical devices by facilitating the transfer of technology so that local production is stimulated in developing countries. Our objective is to work with manufacturers and users to allow developing countries to have more equity and better access to safe and effective medical devices and clinical technologies.

Collaboration is another key element of Project Impact's approach to technology transfer. To ensure local capacity and ownership, medical technology production and distribution facilities are placed under the ownership and auspices of local non-profit organizations. Collaboration, empowerment and ownership are key factors in achieving change. In our approach, those ultimately responsible for carrying out change and development are involved from the start in reflecting on their present circumstances and in being guided to formulate for themselves a course of action that takes into account their unique local circumstances. Local decision-makers and members of the community must define and set their course of action if ownership is to be accomplished. Project Impact's role is to provide support and to guide and suggest in a manner that brings forth solutions appropriate to localities in developing countries.