Collaborating Partners
Key Personnel

David Green

Hearing Aid Project manager, Mr. David Green has worked for 20 years in establishing manufacturing of medical technology in developing countries and in the development of financially self-sustaining health care service models oriented toward the poor. He directed the establishment of Aurolab, a non-profit business trust established in 1992, and managed the technology transfer for producing intraocular lenses and sutures at Aurolab. He has also helped to create eye care programs recognized for their excellence in service delivery, quality of surgery, financial self-sufficiency and capacity to reach the disadvantaged.

Mr. Green was recently awarded a fellowship from Ashoka, which supports leading "social entrepreneurs" world-wide. The award, which was given in recognition of his accomplishments in making medical technology affordable to developing countries, will support the development of the Affordable Hearing Aid Project based on the same models.


Sunil Chojar

Producing an affordable hearing aid of the highest quality standards is made possible by the involvement of Mr. Sunil Chojar, former Director of Research and Development at Siemens (1993-99), the largest hearing aid company in the world, and former Director of Research and Development at Starkey (1986-93). His achievements include the development of state-of-the art programmable and non-programmable hearing aids from conception to manufacturing, including the development of software, hardware, integrated circuits, and mechanical and electro-acoustics engineering.

Two out of five hearing aids sold in the world use technology developed by Mr. Chojar. He was the first to develop a "custom programmable Completely in the Ear Canal (CIC)" hearing aid. He has 16 patents (five individual and 11 group patents), one of which has become an industry standard. He was the first to develop a "Custom in the Ear" hearing aid in the United Kingdom for the European market, develop a custom integrated circuit, develop a wireless rechargeable hearing aid, and introduce and service BTE hearing aids in India. Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela and Sean Connery all wear hearing aids designed by Mr. Chojar.


Martha Moore

Ms. Martha Moore is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the United States. In addition to her consulting work in the states over the past 13 years, she has worked overseas in both developed and developing countries, most recently working with Aravind Eye hospital in India on the implementation of a budget system.


Peter Daae

Mr. Peter Daae plays an active role in business planning for this project. He presently serves as a Senior Manager and Associate Partner for the Nordic Consulting Group. In the nonprofit sector, Mr. Daee has worked in over 15 developing countries in the areas of relief, disability prevention, medical treatment and economic development. He is also the Founder and Director of Impact Foundation, Norway which is dedicated to the issues of the disabled.


Erik Brodersen

Mr. Erik Brodersen is a well-known audiologist from Denmark, who has extensive experience in implementing programs in developing countries to serve the hearing impaired. He is currently developing the service delivery model and training programs for the Hearing Aid Project. His areas of expertise include audiology, rehabilitation, hearing aid fitting, repair, maintenance and follow-up as well as project development for developing countries


Jonathan Green

Mr. Jonathan Green has been engaged for legal and regulatory affairs. Mr. Greens law practice focuses on projects involving the transfer of medical technology to developing countries. He previously served Aurolab in its efforts to develop intraocular lens and sutures. His areas of specialization include US and international medical device regulation, international trade, tax, and non-profit organizations.


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